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September 25, 2011

Food Innovation Workshop

Today, as part of our Experiences Studio, our students were fortunate to be part of a fantastic experience. Mattson, the USA's top food innovation firm (think of them as the IDEO of food), created an elaborate challenge for our students to meet. In just about an hour, there were to conceive of a new platform for frozen prepared meals, build prototypes of at least one variety, and present with any packaging or business model. We all worked furiously but it was one of the most interesting and fun prototyping experiences I've ever been a part of.

13 teams (all but one were pairs) created a variety of different easy-to-prepare frozen meals for a variety of eaters, from weight-consious families to first chef experiences for children to fast meals for busy professionals. They prototyped both kit parts and the final meals, many with several varieties of flavors.

We can't thank Mattson enough for the opportunity to innovate in, for us, a new domain.